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Endodontic Dentistry

Endodontics is the dental term for root canal treatment. This advanced dentistry is recommended when the nerve inside the tooth has been damaged and must be removed and a filling material placed inside the tooth to remove infection and prevent further bacterial attack inside the tooth. A ceramic crown is usually placed over teeth that have received root canal therapy, which serves as a permanent protective outer shell to strengthen the tooth.

Why Choose Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is usually the best option when a tooth can be saved rather than extracted. Today, root canals are really just a more complex filling. Advanced anesthetics and sedation options help even the most sensitive person to remain relaxed and remember little to nothing about the visit. The procedure to clean inside the tooth and place special filling material is an intricate and delicate procedure that requires excellent vision and tactile feel to provide the very best results. At Burnaby Heights Dental Centre, your dentists use special high-magnification spectacles (“loupes”) and have become highly expert in completing this treatment quickly and efficiently. It is common for patients who need root canal therapy to have the procedure and have the ceramic crown placed in the very same appointment. This consolidates visits for our patients, resolves teeth pain, and protects them so no further damage can occur.

What to Expect After a Root Canal Procedure:

Soreness similar to a bruise is common after root canal treatment. This is typically managed with Ibuprofen or “Aleve” over-the-counter medication and lasts only a day or so. Although the nerve has been removed from inside the tooth, there are still pressure and sensory fibers located around the teeth in the periodontal ligament space found between the teeth and bone. Most people don’t know that teeth actually are suspended inside the bone with thousands of ligament fibers that act as shock absorbers. This allows teeth to absorb an impact and remain flexible under tremendous pressure. These ligaments remain intact and healthy after root canal therapy and provide a protective function.

Root canal treatment is one of the only procedures designed to rescue damaged and decaying teeth. Burnaby Heights Dental Centre’s highly-trained professionals have successfully completed thousands of these procedures with patients experiencing very little if any discomfort.