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iTero Scanner

The iTero Scanner is a top of the line new generation intraoral scanning product. With its intraoral camera it can digitalize the inside of your mouth as well as keep track of your past, current and future oral status. It is the modern replacement to the old messy putty used to take oral impressions but with so many more added functions. Within a matter of seconds it allows your dentist to have an exact impression of your denture, and produces digitalized simulations of your mouth so you can also visualize the result.

The Invisalign Outcome Simulator is a big plus. It is used as a clinical tool as well as an educational device. It’s also a great tool for the patients’ perception of what is happening in their own mouth. It really engages the patient and lets us have an actual discussion about their condition. It is very different to be told you’ll have straight teeth and actually visualizing the results.

It reduces the number of redos for orthodontic or prosthetic devices, as the quality of the impressions taken is better than ever before. It also cuts the time needed for transportation of impressions, as the digitalized impressions can be sent right away with a swipe on the touchscreen.

Summary of the iTero properties:

  • Advancement in technology that gives your patients visualization into their oral health condition.
  • Display magnification to help you focus on the area of oral concerns for better patient communication.
  • Clinicians can prescribe follow-up treatment like mouth guards, Invisalign clear aligners, and sleep appliances, when required.
  • Make informed decisions to course the treatment plan for your patients to help ensure a healthy smile at their next checkup.

Click here for the iTero patient brochure.