Relax Your Fears With a Dentist That Understands

There are many people who are anxious of dentist appointments, let alone talk about the procedures. A significant, yet most ignored fact is that your dentist can help in relieving you from the anxiety. It’s important to find a dentist near Burnaby who understands that the fear of dentist can be a real issue with many people so much that they are ready to live with the pain and discomfort instead of seeing the dentist or getting the treatment done.

The dentist in Burnaby BC says that while for some people a dentist appointment can be a usual routine, for others it can be a task and they may have to overcome certain barriers to get to see the dentist. Some of the biggest barriers are:

  • Fear of dentist
  • Financing the visit
  • Embarrassment

Fear of Dentist

Fear of dentist is not uncommon. There are many people who are afraid of the dentist. There are different fears among different people. While some people are afraid of pain that they may experience, others are afraid of the idea of sitting on the dental chair and have someone explore their mouth. Whatever the reason for fear, you can overcome it with a kind and caring dentist who understands that your fear is real and needs to be addressed.

Financing Options

It can be costly to have restorative work done and the right dentist will understand that even with insurance the treatment can be expensive. The financing options can help you make easy, affordable payments to get the smile that you deserve. Not having to pay all at once can make a huge difference. It is a great opportunity to get the dental procedure done, says dentist in Burnaby.


The dentist in V5C2J9 says that there are many people who feel that their teeth are too far gone to really do anything about it. They feel uncomfortable with the state of their teeth. The right dentist will understand that you may be uncomfortable with the current condition of your teeth and will take extra care to make you feel comfortable.

4 Ways to Relieve Your Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety, dental phobia, and odontophobia are different names of the same problem. It is a very common thing found amongst people. Although, dentists near you are the ones that provide care for our teeth and makes sure we protect the entering window of all the disease. Research shows that 20% of individuals who experience dental anxiety will only go to the dentist if it is very vital.

Here we have mentioned 4 ways that will help you get rid of dental anxiety.


Acupuncture is a method where one strategically stimulates pressure points with hot needles. It is used for relaxing one’s mind. Acupuncture would definitely get your mind at ease and help you relax and get rid of your dental anxiety. Consider having an acupuncture treatment before you go for an dental appointment. It will lower down your anxiety levels to an extent that you’d be able to book an appointment of best dentists in Burnaby bc.


Yoga is an extremely popular meditation as well as a fitness practice.It is undeniable that yoga takes a person closer to their spiritual self. It helps to calm down all kinds of anxiety and relieves any kind of stress.

Make sure you regularly practice yoga in order to calm yourself down and then book an appointment of the dentist of Burnaby Bc.


These sounds are different for different people. For some, a sound of sea waves flowing calms them down whereas for some it is the birds chirping amongst the mid of forest. You need to get your headphones and start playing the audio tracks available on the internet and find out which one works for you. Here are some calming audios that you could listen to:

Paino instrumental music
Relaxing jazz music
Birds Chirping in forest
Meditation music
Sea waves sound
Positive Affirmation

Also, if you prefer to listen to these while waiting for an appointment. Let us know. At Burnaby Heights Dental Centre, we go an extra mile to care for you.


Dentists in Burnaby will try to reduce your dental anxiety by performing sedation dentistry in order to give you a painless surgery.

Make sure you try all these things out and help yourself in decreasing your dental anxiety.

Why You Need a Dental Cleaning in Burnaby

It’s important to maintain optimum oral hygiene so that you can preserve your beautiful smile by keeping your teeth and gums healthy. It also helps in maintaining your overall oral health. Some studies show that gum diseases have connection with heart disease and other serious conditions. Regular exams and dental cleanings by dentist near you in Burnaby can help in preventing these problems. There are several reasons to opt for professional dental cleaning which are as follows:

  • Prevent cavities

One of the most common reasons why one should go for regular cleanings to dentist is to avoid the build up of plaque and tartar which leads to cavity and decay. Regular cleaning will help in preventing tooth decay.

  • Prevent Tooth Loss

The gum diseases begin with the build up of plaque on tooth and gum line. Gum diseases when left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. However, regular cleaning can help in saving your gums and teeth in the long run.

  • Save Money

If you take precautions now, some of the serious oral conditions can be diagnosed at an early stage and this will help in saving money in the long run which you may have to incur on restorative procedures.

  • Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection which affects the tissues around the teeth. It can lead to serious impact on your dental health. But going for regular cleaning will help in spotting the signs of oral disease and treating them in time, says dentist in Burnaby.

  • Early detection of Oral cancer

Routine dental cleaning is important as your dentist in Burnaby BC will examine your oral health and in case of any signs of cancer, early treatment will help in curing it in the initial stage itself.

  • Keeping the breath fresh

Regular dental cleaning helps in keeping your breath fresh and prevents halitosis along with your routine oral care regimen.

  • A Bright Smile

Dental cleaning can help in removing the built-up stains which ultimately gives you a brighter and a beautiful smile.

What Are Dental Implants and How Do They Work?

Accidental blow on face can lead to many problems. Facial bone as well as jawbone is not really strong to bear with major accidental blows. Apart from damages to bones, teeth can also be damaged. Due to hard blow, a few teeth can be uprooted. If in adulthood you lose teeth, you have no chance to get teeth back in natural process. Not just accidents, adults may lose teeth due to rapid tooth decay, lack of calcium in body, improper maintenance of teeth, gum infection and many more. Now, the question is what should you do to resolve missing teeth issue? Burnaby Heights Dental Centre offers the best solution to deal with missing teeth problem and the solution is dental implant. All you need to do is to get in touch with professional and certified dentist Burnaby BC.

What is Dental Implant?

Dental implant has been regarded as an oral surgery, where a groove is created on the missing teeth area so that an artificial tooth can be placed at that area. This artificial tooth is similar to the natural tooth, as you can chew foods and brush your teeth without being worried about the artificial tooth. Once placed, the implanted tooth can last for the lifetime. The tooth comes with metallic root which is like a screw. The upper part or crown has been designed with ceramic or porcelain. It looks identical to a natural tooth.

Who Is the Ideal Patient?

Though you have missing tooth issue, you may not be the ideal patient for dental implant. Since it is a surgery, medical checkups are required. People beyond 60 years age are generally advised to avoid this surgery by professional dentist Burnaby. After complete medical checkup, dentist V5C2J9 will decide whether you can undergo this treatment or not.

Procedure of Dental Implant

The procedure of dental implant starts by creating groove at jawbone. Once that is done, root of the artificial tooth is implanted on that groove. Thereafter, the crown is attached to the root. This is the complete procedure of dental implant. You can find dentist near me to undergo such surgery. At Burnaby Heights Dental Centre, you can get the safest dental implant treatment.


The Harms of Clenching Your Teeth

Often people complain about teeth clenching. When a patient clenches teeth, it may affect patient causing symptoms of discomfort or pain. This may be because of bruxism, anxiety or excess stress. It is involuntary but it can harm one’s dental health. Dentist at Burnaby Heights Dental Centre suggests getting proper treatment for Clenching so that it can be cured at right time.

As per dentist at Burnaby, teeth clenching is an abnormal dental condition which may have several other issues:

Headaches – Clenching makes it cause extreme pain to your teeth which can automatically be the reason for extreme headaches and migraine issues. This is because patient of clenching often bites their teeth at night. Dentist at Burnaby BC often suggests taking solutions for this so that extra biting can be stopped. Often night guards can be suggested to stop pain.

Bone loss – Clenching create immense pressure which can destroy the soft tissue lying beneath the teeth. The extreme pressure created through clenching may also destroy supporting bones. It is because of this reason doctors at Burnaby Heights Dental Centre suggest going for necessary treatment.

Tooth sensitivity – Enamel is a protective layer of the teeth which protects the root and tissue. Due to bruxism, this enamel may wear down. When tooth root is exposed, it may get prone to sensitivity issues. An expert Dentist at V5C2J9 may suggest relevant solution for the same. A dentist may go for regular sensitivity checkup if you are a patient of clenching so that relevant treatment can be suggested at right time.

Chipped teeth and fractures – Clenching may cause grinding which can affect the overall look of the teeth appearance. Extreme clenching may also cause tooth fractures. When enhanced smile is to be needed such issues can be eliminated. An expert dentist from Burnaby Heights Dental Centre can suggest relevant treatments for such issues. Chipped teeth can be a defect for beautiful smile. It is better to go for treatment before major teeth damaged.

When you face any of this issue and have symptoms of clenching teeth, you must consult a dentist near you.

Goodbye cavities?

A cavity not adequately treated can lead to cardiac disorders and ultimately leads to financial issues. Dentist in Burnaby says brushing the teeth after meals do not lead to the development of cavities. The bacterial route is one of the safe options.

Cavities appear when dental plaque takes long-term hold on the surface of the teeth due to-

  • Protein and food residues
  • Bacteria and toxins

How a cavity is formed?

These all are formed due to Streptococcus mutans which is considered as the main reason behind cavities. These bacteria transform indigested carbohydrates and sugars in to acids. They attack the enamel and reach the dentin and cause a cavity.

Dentist in Burnaby BC recommends brushing your teeth helps in eliminating the food source of these bacteria.

Few dentists adopted an ultrafine polishing technology which is applied on the surface of the teeth. This helps in removing roughness left on a tooth. The teeth are polished in such a way which makes the bacteria slippery such as Streptococcus mutans. It ultimately protects enamel from the acidic by product left by bacteria.

The process, instrument and materials required to polish teeth should be fine enough so that bacteria will not stick back. Dentist in Burnaby does not say it will never be but there are several steps to go-

  • Human trials
  • FDA approval
  • Implementation

These could take a decade or more also.

Fight with cavities today

Extreme damage leads to tooth loss. Dental implant offers the best solutions for optimal functioning and confident smiling. Whether it is replacing single teeth or securing loose dentures, implants can be life-changing.

There are still plenty of steps to be taken to fight with cavities. The perfect solution has not yet been identified. According to the dentist, brushing and flossing twice a day can significantly reduce chances of cavity and gum diseases as well.

Find out a dentist near you and visit at least twice a year for a check-up and cleaning.

Beware Of an Acidic Diet

Did you know that our teeth are protected by the hard enamel which is one of the hardest substances in the body? However, that does not mean it is not vulnerable to wear and tear, says dentist near Burnaby BC. The problem with people is that they don’t consider tooth as a body part which fluctuates in strength. They believe that the tooth is going to remain as it is.

The teeth do have hardness that is required to chew food but teeth are dynamic organisms which change with continuous chemical process. The protective enamel which covers softer interior is made of minerals. When the teeth come in contact with acids, the enamel demineralises. However, the saliva can dilute and neutralize acids which allow the tooth to re-mineralize. But the process is not that rapid.

According to dentist in Burnaby, when the enamel is soft, the tooth is vulnerable to losing a microscopic outer layer of enamel. And, if the erosion continues, the softer dentin inside the tooth is exposed. The dentin is softer and known for eroding quickly. This may lead to tooth decay and infection along with the need for tooth extraction.

The dentist near V5C2J9 the ordinary diet is becoming more acidic. You may not realize but most of us consume several food items which are acidic in nature such as chicken, cottage cheese, fish, eggs, asparagus, butter, ham, honey, aged cheese, sour cream, and yogurt with active cultures. Food items which are high in sugar and artificial sweeteners are more acidic in nature. We don’t have to completely eliminate these items from the list but limiting the intake should help.

When it comes to beverages, the soda pop and wine are not good for your dental health. Teens and adults who consume soda all day long are vulnerable to enamel erosion during a time when their teeth should be at their strongest. Even the energy drinks are a culprit when it comes to enamel erosion from acid. Thus, one needs to be careful about what they eat and drink for protecting their dental health.

The Implant process can be shortened depending on the tooth type

Has your dentist from Burnaby BC told you that it will take a total of X weeks to get your implant? Moreover, does it worry you that the process will be so prolonged and require you to schedule things so early? Well, you can be assured that the process for getting the implant get shortened, depending on the type of the tooth and the purpose of the tooth.

In order to understand why is there subjectivity in such a scientific process, you might need to look into why are implants used in the first place:

  1. Implants are used for both aesthetic as well as functional purposes. A dentist from Burnaby may provide you with implants to either the bridge the gap between your tooth, or to cover up a chipped tooth or a broken tooth, or even to cover a tooth that has decayed.
  2. Depending upon the purpose of the implant, its size will vary. For instance, if the implant to be put up is only meant for the outer layer – then the implant’s size will vary.
  3. Similarly, your dentist from Burnaby may choose to use a less meticulously worked upon implant, if it supposed to go in the latter teeth of your mouth. For instance, if the implant will be going on in an area where it will not be visible when you smile, it may not require special attention in terms of visually matching the exact colours of your teeth with that one implant.

In addition to all of this, the implant process can be shortened significantly depending on the material that is used and the process it is used under. For instance, if you are going through a simple process of a dental bonding, the dentist near you might be able to finish up the process in one session.

In conclusion, you can be rest assured that if the dental process you are going through is simple and linear, and is for a tooth that is not in the frontal area of your teeth – there is a possibility that the implant process will take lesser time than you expect.

Traditional Braces or Invisalign: Which Is Right for You?

There can be many underlying reasons for which you may require an orthodontic work. Also, there are many ways you can treat the orthodontic problem. If your orthodontic problem is about misaligned teeth, braces may be the option. However, with advancement in dental technology, you need to no more get embarrassed due to brackets and wires as Invisalign is at your rescue. The Invisalign as the name suggests, are clear trays which are almost invisible.

What is Invisalign?

According to Dentist in Burnaby BC, Invisalign is a relatively new orthodontic treatment procedure. It makes use of clear trays for resurrecting the teeth alignment issues. These trays would be changed from time to time during the treatment phase. It is a gentle way of making changes in the teeth line. You can easily take them out and they don’t come in way of dental care.

What is Invisalign Ideal for?

The Invisalign are ideal for anyone from teens to adults. Many people shy away from correcting the alignment issues as they don’t wish to get embarrassed due to metal wires and brackets. Invisalign is a great option for them. It is also ideal for people who have only minor corrections to be made, says Dentist in Burnaby. It is imperative to wear the Invisalign for as long as instructed by the orthodontist otherwise you won’t get effective results.

When Traditional are Braces a Better Option?

According to Dentist in Burnaby BC, if your teeth need to be moved a lot for straightening, the traditional braces the right for you. The Invisalign can correct only minor alignment issues and you won’t get effective results for major issues. Major bite issues can only be corrected by traditional braces.

The best option for treatment however will be decided by the orthodontist. The orthodontist will first evaluate your bite and then make the right decision. However, if you are looking for avoiding the embarrassment that comes with traditional braces, the Invisalign is the best option. Just follow the guideline given by doctor to make the most out of treatment.