Injection Therapy – a Time Machine to Revive Age

Every woman is curios when it comes to aging signs. Every day you stand in front of the mirror and it seems like a new line has emerged overnight. They find different home remedies to get rid of wrinkles, and fine lines. With technological advancements, cosmetic dentistry has taken a step ahead. Different treatments are available to get rid of all the aging signs. Now you can have a younger looking skin in no time. One of these powerful treatments is injection therapy.

The main reason for these aging signs is the loss of hyaluronic acid. The more you lose it, the more wrinkles or lines will appear with time. So, what does injection therapy do to reduce the lines? Your surgeon will first mix hyaluronic acid with water. Once the acid binds with water, it is injected on your face. Your skin will be hydrated and softened for a healthier-looking skin. Your doctor might add lidocaine to reduce the pain you might feel while injecting.

The Benefits of Injection Therapy

This therapy is a miracle for reviving the age. You will not only get a younger skin but tremendous other benefits come rushing towards you when you get the treatment. Some of these benefits are:

A Lunchtime Facelift

Injection therapy does not take much of your time. It just takes a couple of minutes to inject the solution and you are good to go. as this therapy does not need a lot of time, cosmetic surgeons call it a lunchtime facelift.

Instant Results of the Therapy

Just like the least time required for the procedure, the results do not take a lot of time either. You can get done with the process and results will be visible soon. No long waiting time for the results to appear. You will witness results in a week.

No Aftercare Required

Injection therapy is a simple and timeless procedure. You do not have to wait for an hour to get the process completed. Similarly, there is aftercare for the therapy. You can have the injection and go back to work or return to your everyday life. Do not worry about any allergy because there will not be any.

The Effects Last Long

Once you are done with treatment, you can enjoy an anti-aging skin for a long time. The effects last longer than usual.

Decent Results and No Skin Damage

The effects of this therapy are subtle. There are no signs of injection after the therapy. You will be free from lines and wrinkles without any identification marks. Moreover, the skin is safe with the injections. No sensitivity or allergic reactions will be a result of injection therapy.

Bye Bye Scars

This therapy works miracles for scars too. If you have any scars, injection therapy should be your first choice to get rid of them.

Stimulate Collagen with Injection Therapy

The therapy can also help you stimulate natural collagen in the body. Collagen will reduce lines as well. Maybe you would not need therapy again.

How Do I Find Injection Therapy near Me

Finding a Burnaby dentist to perform an injection therapy is easy. You just search on the internet “injection therapy in Burnaby” and you will have a list of clinics on the screen. Additionally, we at Burnaby Heights Dental Centre also provide our patients with injection therapy. If you have any questions, or need any help, contact us.

The Targeted Muscles of the Therapy

The therapy targets some specific muscles of your face. The solution will seize the muscular contraction of that area for some time. There are no dynamic contractions ultimately there are no wrinkles. The skin will become smoother with every passing day. The muscles that can be injected for Burnaby injection therapy are:

  • Forehead
  • Between the eyes
  • Eye corners
  • The lip area
  • The base of your nose
  • Cheeks

The injection therapy has miraculous results and it is recommended by many cosmetic surgeons. If you have any aging signs, feel free to get this therapy. You will have instant younger-looking skin without any side effects. There are allergies or agitation. All you have is a wrinkle-free and glowing skin.

At Burnaby Heights Dental Centre, we provide our patients with an all inclusive dental therapy. If you have any questions or need a dental check up, contact us for a consultation.