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Digital X-Rays


Film x-rays or digital x-rays? Burnaby Heights Dental Centre chooses to use digital x-rays.


Film x-rays were invented over 125 years ago. Technology has come a very long way since those first x-rays, and film x-rays are now quite antiquated.

Film x-ray technology costs less than digital x-ray technology. However long-term exposure to film x-rays can be harmful to a patient’s overall dental health due to the increased amounts of radiation needed to expose these types of films. These are especially discouraged when concerning pregnant women. We strive to reduce the adverse effects caused by film x-rays.

X-rays are nothing more than different shades of grey on a screen. That screen can be either analog or digital. It would be like comparing an old black and white TV to a new HD TV with all of its perfect picture quality and color. With digital x-rays, our doctors are able to see clearly what they could not see before. This means areas of concern can be detected much earlier before issues may arise.

Digital x-rays:

  • Use 70% less radiation than traditional film x-rays
  • Take less time to take and are easier to take than traditional film x-rays
  • Use streamlined designs taking the pain out of taking dental x-rays (No more razor-like edges cutting the inside of your mouth!)
  • Have better quality viewing capabilities than traditional film x-rays
  • Take the waiting out of the development process allowing us to see what is going on immediately
  • Prevent issues from going undetected and/or missed
  • Decrease your time in the chair o Are easily stored on a computer
  • Can be easily transferred to other dentists or orthodontists when referrals are needed
  • Are less expensive and more environmentally-friendly

We think 70% less radiation, less discomfort, detecting problems sooner, less time in the chair, access and distribution and cost matters a lot to our patients. Let us know what you think about digital x-rays in comparison to traditional film x-rays.

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Call Burnaby Heights Dental Centre at (604) 320 7321 for your next dental appointment, and experience the benefits of digital x-rays.