Are you looking for straighter teeth, but don’t want a mouth full of metal for two years? While FASTBRACES® technology still makes use of metal wires, the amount used is far less than traditional braces and the length of time needed to make the correction is significantly reduced. FASTBRACES® has helped thousands of patients all over the world and could be your ticket to a newer, happier smile – in less time.

FASTBRACES® is an incredible new orthodontic technology offering patients the ability to seemingly have their cake and eat it too. What does this mean? FASTBRACES® is not only a seemingly less invasive method of straightening teeth, with only a single wire used on each row of teeth, but it works far quicker than traditional braces. So quickly, in fact, that many patients only require their FASTBRACES® for 100 days.

Traditional braces are a two-step process – with the first year spent pulling the crowns into position, and the second year moving the roots. Using FASTBRACES® technology, teeth can be straightened, including roots, into an upright position from day one. FASTBRACES® also uses a patented method to restore alveolar bone and treat gingivitis from crooked teeth.

Through a process known as orthoeruption, alveolar bone is grown using light forces and, in some cases, can be so effective patients can avoid having teeth pulled or even jaw surgery.

What are the benefits of FASTBRACES® in Burnaby?

  • More convenient
  • Single wire
  • Less painful
  • Quicker process – in many cases ~100 days
  • Restores alveolar bone
  • Treats gingivitis from crooked teeth
  • We’ve provided over 50+ services of FASTBRACES®.

Less Hardware, Less Pain, Less Time – FASTBRACES® in Burnaby

Did you know the original orthodontist who invented FASTBRACES® never had to prescribe their patients pain medications? That’s because the technology used in the process is less invasive and designed to work with your mouth. In fact, FASTBRACES® are designed with your dentist in mind as well, making it easy for them to clean teeth and get into areas that would otherwise prove difficult with traditional braces.

FASTBRACES® Dentists in Burnaby

The dentists at Burnaby Heights Dental are ready to treat your teeth using the exciting technology from FASTBRACES®. With some patients only needing 100 days to straighten their teeth, the difference between FASTBRACES® and traditional braces is vast.

As a fast, single-wire solution, FASTBRACES® offers patients the ability to straighten their teeth and achieve a healthy, attractive smile in a much shorter time than has previously been seen. The amount of time required for FASTBRACES® to correct teeth depends on a few factors, such as the severity of correction and patient cooperation. Additionally, by reducing the amount of treatment time and the amount of in-mouth hardware, patients can feel more confident about the process of straightening teeth.

Call the team at Burnaby Heights Dental to learn more about FASTBRACES®. This procedure is a game-changer and if you are looking to improve your smile in under a year, FASTBRACES® may be right for you.