Comprehensive Dental Services for the Whole Family – Our Family Dentistry Near You

As a primary care provider, we have a lot of responsibilities regarding your overall health. We are accountable for the prevention, general diagnosis, management and treatment of dental conditions and diseases for all families. We coordinate services that relate to the oral health of our patients of all ages.

Common family dentistry services include:

  • General dental check-ups
  • Professional teeth cleanings
  • Preventative dentistry
  • Tooth-colored composite fillings
  • Extractions
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Gingivitis treatment
  • Root canal therapy

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Experienced family dental care in Burnaby

We like to know that once you leave after your appointment, you have been equipped with the right knowledge to continue optimal oral care at home after your visit to our family dentist. To ensure that our young and older friends know how to brush and floss their teeth more efficiently, Dr. Katy Anagnostou D.D.S. demonstrates the proper techniques for your individual needs.

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