Dental Implants in Burnaby, BC V5C 2J9

Dental Implants

Restoration implants services have taken over the world of tooth replacement. Burnaby Heights Dental Centre is a practice dedicated to installing dental implants in Burnaby to create a healthy, attractive smile.

Dental Implants Near You

Dental implants in Burnaby replace missing teeth, restore mouth function and aesthetic appeal. Lost teeth affect your bite, chewing ability, and the look robs you of your attractive smile. Implantation is now easier than ever, and the benefits are amazing. Restoration implants services prevent shifting; the prosthetic roots stimulate the jaw bone to prevent disintegration. Teeth implants in Burnaby help preserve your facial structure and appearance by filling out the jaw.

Tooth Implants in Burnaby

Implants restorations consist of titanium posts that serve as replacement tooth roots that get surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The prosthetic roots work as a stabilizing unit for many dental appliances. Once in place, a tooth implant is stable and secure as it fuses with the natural bone.

Dental implants near Willingdon Heights help stabilize fixed bridges, dentures, and one or more prosthetic teeth. Tooth implants in Burnaby reduce the need for surrounding healthy teeth to secure a dental device, lessening the stress on gums and natural teeth.

Dental Implant Treatment Near You

Implant restorations by an implants dentist in Burnaby can resolve oral health issues:

  • One Missing Tooth — A single implant can be placed with a porcelain crown to replace one missing tooth and root.
  • Multiple Missing Teeth — Several implants can be inserted to support more than one dental crowns.
  • Entire Row of Teeth Replacement — Implant restorations provide stability for fixed bridges, individual teeth, or full dentures. An entire mouthful of teeth can be replaced with implant-supported crowns.

If you feel self-conscious about lost teeth, desire to have chewing comfort again, or hope to fill out vacant spaces, dental implants near Westridge and Burnaby Heights can provide dramatic change. Let us restore your smile – contact our dentist in Burnaby today at (604) 320 7321 and book a free consultation for dental implants near you with our dentist at Burnaby Heights Dental Centre.