If you are considering orthodontic treatment using Invisalign in Burnaby, BC, chances are you have done some research on clear braces. The main issue for many Invisalign users is that the trays either smell or discolor by the end of the two-week intervals. This should not happen with proper care. The following are tips on keeping your aligner trays odor-free and clean.

  1. Brush Your Teeth — Brush Your AlignersEach time you brush your teeth, be sure to brush your aligner tray. Therefore, you should be brushing your tray twice daily. For optimal results, use a separate toothbrush for your teeth and aligners. Never use hot water, it could damage the plastic. Brush the entire aligner thoroughly and rinse completely.
  2. Always Store Aligners ProperlyWhen Invisalign trays are removed for eating or for any reason, store the appliance carefully in the case. If you don’t have a designated storage case, put the trays in a glass of clean water. To freshen and disinfect the aligners, store in a mixture of antibacterial mouthwash and water.
  3. Brush Teeth and Rinse Your Aligners After MealsBrush your teeth and the aligner at least two times a day. The best way to control odor is to brush the tray between meals. If you can’t brush after every meal, at least rinse your mouth, and the tray, with cool water.
  4. Contact a Dentist If Your Aligner Is DamagedIf your aligner becomes warped or damaged in some other way, contact your dentist right away. Switch to a previously used tray in the set until you can get to the office. Never wear a bent or damaged Invisalign aligner. Doing so could have an adverse effect on your progress.

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