Dental anxiety, dental phobia, and odontophobia are different names of the same problem. It is a very common thing found amongst people. Although, dentists near you are the ones that provide care for our teeth and makes sure we protect the entering window of all the disease. Research shows that 20% of individuals who experience dental anxiety will only go to the dentist if it is very vital.

Here we have mentioned 4 ways that will help you get rid of dental anxiety.


Acupuncture is a method where one strategically stimulates pressure points with hot needles. It is used for relaxing one’s mind. Acupuncture would definitely get your mind at ease and help you relax and get rid of your dental anxiety. Consider having an acupuncture treatment before you go for an dental appointment. It will lower down your anxiety levels to an extent that you’d be able to book an appointment of best dentists in Burnaby bc.


Yoga is an extremely popular meditation as well as a fitness practice.It is undeniable that yoga takes a person closer to their spiritual self. It helps to calm down all kinds of anxiety and relieves any kind of stress.

Make sure you regularly practice yoga in order to calm yourself down and then book an appointment of the dentist of Burnaby Bc.


These sounds are different for different people. For some, a sound of sea waves flowing calms them down whereas for some it is the birds chirping amongst the mid of forest. You need to get your headphones and start playing the audio tracks available on the internet and find out which one works for you. Here are some calming audios that you could listen to:

Paino instrumental music
Relaxing jazz music
Birds Chirping in forest
Meditation music
Sea waves sound
Positive Affirmation

Also, if you prefer to listen to these while waiting for an appointment. Let us know. At Burnaby Heights Dental Centre, we go an extra mile to care for you.


Dentists in Burnaby will try to reduce your dental anxiety by performing sedation dentistry in order to give you a painless surgery.

Make sure you try all these things out and help yourself in decreasing your dental anxiety.