Have you been told you may need root canal treatment in Burnaby? Worried due to the horror stories you’ve heard about root canals? With advancements in dentistry, root canal therapy is nothing like it used to be and is actually quite similar to just receiving a filling these days. Wondering what the EXACT benefits of root canal therapy are? Following along with Burnaby Dental!

Root Canal Treatment Relieves Pain

Did you know that a toothache is the most common reason patients visit us for a root canal? Once a tooth root has become decayed, damaged, inflamed or infected it is typically quite painful, far more painful than the actual root canal itself in the majority of cases. During the procedure, local anaesthetic is used to provide a pain-free experience. Following the root canal, the feeling in your affected tooth should be gone, relieving your discomfort and pain.

Root Canal Therapy Saves Your Tooth

At Burnaby Dental, our main goal is to protect and preserve your smile. Root canal treatment is often used as a last resort to save your natural tooth. Although tooth extractions are possible, it is always best to preserve any natural teeth. During treatment the infection is removed and the tooth is sealed and protected, preventing future complications while allowing you to keep your natural tooth.

Root Canals Restore Function

When a tooth root becomes decayed, infected or inflamed it can often have an impact on the function of your tooth and overall bite. Following a root canal, a dental crown will be placed, providing your affected tooth with additional support and strength, allowing you to carry on as if nothing was ever wrong.

Schedule Your Root Canal in Burnaby, BC

Notice your tooth is becoming darkened and discolored? Experiencing a chronic toothache? Schedule your Burnaby root canal treatment today! We’d be happy to evaluate your tooth to determine if a root canal is the best option for you and your overall oral health.