One of the best advancements in the orthodontic world is Invisalign. Invisalign presents a new opportunity for patients that may have wanted to get braces in the past, but didn’t want to deal with metal brackets, tightening appointments, or uncomfortable wires. However, there are some patients that recall some discomfort associated with their Invisalign Braces, so in this article we’re going to take a look at why this may be.

Why Is Invisalign Uncomfortable?

There are a few different reasons that you, as a new Invisalign wearer, may be experiencing discomfort. In the following subheadings, we’re going to explore the reasons why and what you can possible do to combat these feelings.

They’re New

Your teeth may feel uncomfortable because of the newness of the system on your teeth. Your teeth are most likely not used to being enclosed in plastic for most of the day, but there is good news. That “newness” feeling is definitely fleeting. Over the course of the next few days or a couple of weeks, you will slowly but surely adjust.

They’re Moving Your Teeth

Even though the intended movement of your teeth is a slight one, the sole fact of what Invisalign is used for can add some discomfort to your experience. The gradual movement from the plastic aligners may feel weird to some.

The Attachments Placed on the Teeth

In order to hold the aligners in place, some orthodontists opt to place plastic attachments on the outer surface of the teeth. While this won’t have a great effect on how you feel, it can add some discomfort to the soft tissue areas of your mouth.

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