When you are about to choose a dental crown as a restorative process for your teeth, you must know the facts associated with it. When you wish to know facts of crowns consult an expert dentist at Burnaby.

Five things to know about dental crowns

Dental crowns are an effective way to restore teeth. This can act well for both cosmetic and functional purposes. This helps achieve the look of natural teeth. These teeth can actually act as natural teeth as well. This enhances the smile and helps the patient chew and bite.

Protection and support for failing teeth

If you have a tooth that fails above the gum line, a dental crown can be an effective restorative procedure. Dentist at Burnaby BC uses crowns as a protective option which may use metal or porcelain material to preserve further damage or decay over the tooth.

It takes a few visits to place them

To suggest a crown for you, a dentist will carefully analyze the condition using a digital x-ray. Further. He may numb the area to remove the decay or crack. The impression of the tooth will then be taken so as to craft the crowns. Later it is placed.

The restorations can last years

With proper care, the longevity of crowns can be increased. If the patient brushes and flosses regularly, a crown may last for about 10 – 15 years. One must maintain good oral hygiene habits for better results. When the restorative technique is obtained by a dentist better results can be ensured.

What about missing teeth?

When patients have missing teeth, a dentist may use a bridge with a crown for filling in the gap between the teeth. This seems like an artificial tooth that can appear and function like a normal tooth.

Used for cosmetic dentistry

This can be an effective cosmetic dentistry solution that can reshape the tooth and can eliminate issues that are creating hindrances to a proper smile.

Consider a dental crown

To know whether crowns can be an effective treatment in your case, visit Burnaby Dental.