All the fizzy sugary beverages you drink have bad effects on your health. According to Burnaby Heights Dental Centre, the ill-effects of soda consumption is not just the high sugar levels that are harmful to overall body health, but dental health also faces many collateral damages such as cavities, tooth decay, and wear away of the precious real tooth enamel.

Here are some facts from dentists in Burnaby BC about soda and its effects on your teeth.

How Soda Affects Your Dental Health?

According to the dentists in Burnaby when soda is consumed, all of the sugar it contains work against the natural bacteria in your mouth and forms an acid. This acid, unlike your mouth’s acid, is obviously a foreign material as well as not a positive one, which simply attacks your teeth! So, even a single sip of soda silently damages your teeth.

  • Soda Consumption Can Accelerate Enamel Erosion – High volume of direct interaction of soda with your teeth leads to erosion of enamel. Evidently, tooth erosion and damage to the first layer of the teeth is a prevalent issue for all, and younger people are at a greater risk since their enamel is not completely developed.
  • Consuming Soda Leads to Cavities– Another side effect of soda consumption is the occurrence of cavities. Once the enamel gets damaged, dental health suffers due to deeper damage because of cavity formation.

Useful Tips To Prevent Tooth Damage

  • When you really need a soda, drink not more than a single can of 12 oz. Make sure to finish drinking it all in just one sitting.
  • Use a straw to drink soda helps in avoiding any direct contact of soda with your teeth.
  • Staying hydrated with lots of water as it dilutes the effect of soda and helps in maintaining overall dental health.
  • Maintain a proper dental hygiene routine – floss regularly, brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and regularly visit a dentist near you for routine dental checkups.

If you have more questions or would like to schedule your next dental checkup with a dentist in V5C2J9, you can get in touch with our staff at Burnaby Heights Dental Centre.