By the time we reach the letter end of our adulthood, almost all of us will lose at least one adult tooth. Many people may be under the impression that losing teeth is solely a cosmetic issue, but missing or extracted teeth can result in many other issues if not replaced in a timely manner. If you or a family member of yours has recently lost a tooth or is going to need a tooth extracted in the future, single tooth dental implants are great examples of the advancements that are happening in the dental world for the benefit of us all. At Burnaby Heights Dental Care in Burnaby BC, we are highly interested in the health of your teeth and gums. For that reason if you have any questions about single tooth implants, we hope to inform you a bit about what they are in this article.

What are Dental Implants?

To know if you need or want dental implants, it is crucial that you know what they are. Dental implants are one of the newest long-term treatments for tooth loss, and begin with a titanium rod anchored into the jaw where a hole may have been left by missing tooth. Attached to the top of the rod is a small dental device called a crown. Crowns are custom made and designed to match perfectly to the surrounding teeth.

The Procedure

The procedure for single tooth dental implants is also one of the most simple cosmetic procedures on the market. During the procedure, that can take place in about an hour, the implant is skilfully, almost artistically, anchored into the mouth. After some time the mouth, the titanium rod will heal, and the bone will attach to the implant making it easy for the crown to be placed on top completing the patient smile.

The Results

With careful aftercare, the dental implant should last for the patient’s entire life. The crown itself May last for 15 years or longer depending, again, and how well you take care of your mouth. Single tooth dental implants are able to give the patient back their ability to chew, speak, and just generally function normally.

If you are missing a tooth and are considering single tooth replacement procedure, feel free to give us a call at our Burnaby, BC, office. We would be happy to speak with you to schedule a consultation or set up an appointment for general screening. We can’t wait to meet you!