Even if you are diligent with your oral care routine, you may still avoid routine teeth cleanings. You may fear what the hygienist will discover or may think you do a good enough job on your own.

Hygienist for a Cleaning

A dental hygienist is your first line of defense against oral health threats. The aim of regular visits is to watch for budding concerns before they become big problems. The earlier mouth issues are treated the better. It is easier and more cost-effective to prevent or treat dental health issues early.

What Happens During a Cleaning Appointment

Along with professional teeth cleaning, a dental hygienist will also look for signs of the following concerns during an exam:

  • Gum Disease: This is a very common problem because many patients experience no symptoms. During a cleaning, your hygienist will examine your gums for inflammation and recession. The pockets between your teeth and gums will also be measured.
  • Tooth Decay: Decay usually shows up as dark spots on teeth. Digital x-rays will reveal hidden areas or very small spots. Your hygienist will look for signs of tooth decay or cavities.
  • Broken Teeth: Sometimes teeth can have fine fractures without you knowing. However, your hygienist is trained to see even minor tooth damage. Cracks weaken the enamel and increase the likelihood of more serious issues developing. Tiny cracks and chips can be repaired easily with fillings or resurfacing. Breaks and larger cracks must be restored with a dental crown.

Dental Cleanings in Burnaby, BC

If it’s time for your bi-annual teeth cleaning, please contact the friendly staff at Burnaby Heights Dental Care. Our skilled and experienced hygienists will never judge or lecture you because their job is to start right where you are and help you achieve a healthier smile!