Did you know that our teeth are protected by the hard enamel which is one of the hardest substances in the body? However, that does not mean it is not vulnerable to wear and tear, says dentist near Burnaby BC. The problem with people is that they don’t consider tooth as a body part which fluctuates in strength. They believe that the tooth is going to remain as it is.

The teeth do have hardness that is required to chew food but teeth are dynamic organisms which change with continuous chemical process. The protective enamel which covers softer interior is made of minerals. When the teeth come in contact with acids, the enamel demineralises. However, the saliva can dilute and neutralize acids which allow the tooth to re-mineralize. But the process is not that rapid.

According to dentist in Burnaby, when the enamel is soft, the tooth is vulnerable to losing a microscopic outer layer of enamel. And, if the erosion continues, the softer dentin inside the tooth is exposed. The dentin is softer and known for eroding quickly. This may lead to tooth decay and infection along with the need for tooth extraction.

The dentist near V5C2J9 the ordinary diet is becoming more acidic. You may not realize but most of us consume several food items which are acidic in nature such as chicken, cottage cheese, fish, eggs, asparagus, butter, ham, honey, aged cheese, sour cream, and yogurt with active cultures. Food items which are high in sugar and artificial sweeteners are more acidic in nature. We don’t have to completely eliminate these items from the list but limiting the intake should help.

When it comes to beverages, the soda pop and wine are not good for your dental health. Teens and adults who consume soda all day long are vulnerable to enamel erosion during a time when their teeth should be at their strongest. Even the energy drinks are a culprit when it comes to enamel erosion from acid. Thus, one needs to be careful about what they eat and drink for protecting their dental health.