Has your dentist from Burnaby BC told you that it will take a total of X weeks to get your dental implant? Moreover, does it worry you that the process will be so prolonged and require you to schedule things so early? Well, you can be assured that the process for getting the implant get shortened, depending on the type of the tooth and the purpose of the tooth.

In order to understand why is there subjectivity in such a scientific process, you might need to look into why are implants used in the first place:

  1. Implants are used for both aesthetic as well as functional purposes. A dentist from Burnaby may provide you with implants to either the bridge the gap between your tooth, or to cover up a chipped tooth or a broken tooth, or even to cover a tooth that has decayed.
  2. Depending upon the purpose of the implant, its size will vary. For instance, if the implant to be put up is only meant for the outer layer – then the implant’s size will vary.
  3. Similarly, your dentist from Burnaby may choose to use a less meticulously worked upon implant, if it supposed to go in the latter teeth of your mouth. For instance, if the implant will be going on in an area where it will not be visible when you smile, it may not require special attention in terms of visually matching the exact colours of your teeth with that one implant.

In addition to all of this, the implant process can be shortened significantly depending on the material that is used and the process it is used under. For instance, if you are going through a simple process of a dental bonding, the dentist near you might be able to finish up the process in one session.

In conclusion, you can be rest assured that if the dental process you are going through is simple and linear, and is for a tooth that is not in the frontal area of your teeth – there is a possibility that the implant process will take lesser time than you expect.