The Most Common Facts and Myths About Flossing

Do you know the importance of flossing? If yes, then you must be doing it, and if you’re not doing it, then you don’t know anything about it. Over the period you can spot a lot of myths about flossing because of which people have started avoiding it. As discussed with a dentist in Burnaby, […]

5 Possible Reasons for Your Tooth Pain

As your tooth pain becomes apparent, you start fearing about the pending dental appointment. Pain is our body’s way of warning that we may need medical attention. Often, tooth pain leads to a dental procedure, but sometimes it’s a symptom of an unrelated medical condition. Let’s explore some reasons why you may be experiencing tooth […]

Adverse effects of soda consumption on your dental health

All the fizzy sugary beverages you drink have bad effects on your health. According to Burnaby Heights Dental Centre, the ill-effects of soda consumption is not just the high sugar levels that are harmful to overall body health, but dental health also faces many collateral damages such as cavities, tooth decay, and wear away of […]

Relax Your Fears With a Dentist That Understands

There are many people who are anxious of dentist appointments, let alone talk about the procedures. A significant, yet most ignored fact is that your dentist can help in relieving you from the anxiety. It’s important to find a dentist near Burnaby who understands that the fear of dentist can be a real issue with […]

Congratulations : Dr Katy is Greek and now a Canadian too !!!

On May 23rd, Dr. Katy and 78 other people from 20 different countries took the Oath of Canadian Citizenship at a ceremony in Vancouver. The ceremony and oath were conducted by Citizenship Judge Carol-Ann Hart, who welcomed the new citizens to the great Canadian family.

4 Ways to Relieve Your Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety, dental phobia, and odontophobia are different names of the same problem. It is a very common thing found amongst people. Although, dentists near you are the ones that provide care for our teeth and makes sure we protect the entering window of all the disease. Research shows that 20% of individuals who experience […]

The Harms of Clenching Your Teeth

Often people complain about teeth clenching. When a patient clenches teeth, it may affect patient causing symptoms of discomfort or pain. This may be because of bruxism, anxiety or excess stress. It is involuntary but it can harm one’s dental health. Dentist at Burnaby Heights Dental Centre suggests getting proper treatment for Clenching so that […]

Understanding Your Dental Insurance Plan

Whether you have a dental insurance plan through your employer or provide your own coverage by purchasing coverage from an insurance company, it is sometimes difficult to understand your plan’s terms and the treatments and services it covers. Knowing the commonly used terms can help speed up the process and enable you to get the […]