Dental Veneers has been known as the go-to treatment for cosmetically flawed teeth. Their natural-looking appearance and their application make veneers an attractive choice for both men and women who want to transform their smile and boost their confidence. However, apart from cosmetic reasons, there are also non-cosmetic reasons one should consider for veneers.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are natural-looking thin covering for your teeth and used for covering dental problems like chipped, cracked and discoloured teeth.

Although they are known for improving the appearance of your teeth they also have practical benefits too.

Here are five non-cosmetic reasons to consider veneers.

1.        They restore enamel

Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth which protects the tooth from germs and decay. However, Enamel can wear down or erode over time. This can happen due to daily wear and tear or by consuming food with high acidic contents. Some people even have thin enamel coating, which causes the enamel to wear down quickly. Whatever the reason may be, erosion of enamel leaves tooth exposed to several problems, the key being tooth decay.

Veneers are an excellent solution for the eroded enamel. It rests on the surface of the tooth and acts as the replacement for enamel. It protects the tooth from decay-causing bacteria and is even tougher than your natural enamel. It not only provides protection but also as enamel rests, it is able to repair itself.

2.        Repairs superficial cracks

Teeth cracks for various reasons and some cracks can weaken the structure and expose it to harm. Mostly, dental crowns are utilised to prevent the tooth from falling apart. However, some minor cracks that only appear on the superficial layer of the tooth, do not pose a serious threat to the integrity of the tooth as the major one does.

These minor cracks, however, if not treated can become a major threat in the future. These cracks can expose the tooth to decay-causing bacteria and if the problem grows, one might even need a root canal treatment or tooth extraction. Moreover, the appearance of a minor crack is not aesthetically pleasing.

Dental Veneers are an excellent substitution to dental crowns in cases of minor cracks. Not only they improve the look of your teeth, but it also seals the cracks of the tooth, protecting it from bacteria and other harms. You can ask the dentist in Burnaby for veneers installation, instead of a crown. Not only it is aesthetically pleasing, but it will also cut some costs.

3.        Fill gaps

Cavities in-between the teeth are quite common among people with teeth gaps, these cavities are called “interproximal cavities”. Gaps between the teeth make it easier for the plaque to get deposited on the sides of the teeth causing decay and gum diseases. The gaps even provide space for food to get stuck in and release acid causing enamel erosion.

Veneers are an excellent treatment for filling the gaps in-between your teeth. It prevents the plaque from settling down on your teeth and causing problems.

4.        They are durable

Most dentists in Burnaby BC like the experts at Burnaby height dental centre create custom veneers according to your teeth’s shape and colour. An Average veneer can last from a decade to up to thirty years. And you can always go back to your Burnaby dentist if you need replacement.

5.        The process is quick and efficient.

Setting up dental veneers only requires three visitations. You can visit the dentist near you for the consultation and evaluating your treatment plan. On the second visitation, the experts at Burnaby height dental centre will take the measurement of your teeth for your custom made veneers. And during the final visit, the veneers would be installed and changes would be made if any is required.

Dental veneers are an amazing treatment in dental science that can help you bring your confidence back. They are easy to maintain and are not that costly.

Veneers look stunningly natural if you get the services of a good dental clinic. While choosing a dentist in Burnaby, make sure you choose the best one who is well experienced and can provide you with a solution according to your budget. Dentists at Burnaby height dental centre are dedicated to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile while using the cutting edge technologies that comes within your budget.