Often people complain about teeth clenching. When a patient clenches teeth, it may affect patient causing symptoms of discomfort or pain. This may be because of bruxism, anxiety or excess stress. It is involuntary but it can harm one’s dental health. Dentist at Burnaby Heights Dental Centre suggests getting proper treatment for Clenching so that it can be cured at right time.

As per dentist at Burnaby, teeth clenching is an abnormal dental condition which may have several other issues:

Headaches – Clenching makes it cause extreme pain to your teeth which can automatically be the reason for extreme headaches and migraine issues. This is because patient of clenching often bites their teeth at night. Dentist at Burnaby BC often suggests taking solutions for this so that extra biting can be stopped. Often night guards can be suggested to stop pain.

Bone loss – Clenching create immense pressure which can destroy the soft tissue lying beneath the teeth. The extreme pressure created through clenching may also destroy supporting bones. It is because of this reason doctors at Burnaby Heights Dental Centre suggest going for necessary treatment.

Tooth sensitivity – Enamel is a protective layer of the teeth which protects the root and tissue. Due to bruxism, this enamel may wear down. When tooth root is exposed, it may get prone to sensitivity issues. An expert Dentist at V5C2J9 may suggest relevant solution for the same. A dentist may go for regular sensitivity checkup if you are a patient of clenching so that relevant treatment can be suggested at right time.

Chipped teeth and fractures – Clenching may cause grinding which can affect the overall look of the teeth appearance. Extreme clenching may also cause tooth fractures. When enhanced smile is to be needed such issues can be eliminated. An expert dentist from Burnaby Heights Dental Centre can suggest relevant treatments for such issues. Chipped teeth can be a defect for beautiful smile. It is better to go for treatment before major teeth damaged.

When you face any of this issue and have symptoms of clenching teeth, you must consult a dentist near you.