The field of dentistry is one that has significantly affected many families positively. There is so much to be grateful for, ranging from improved eating habits and better teeth functionality to improved smiles and cosmetic appeal. Sadly, many families appreciate the value of family dentists near them when they have a dental emergency. A family dentist in Burnaby will serve up to 5 patients who only need his/her help because of a scary emergency. That should not be the case.

Dentists have a lot to offer patients, but only if people knew better. There is a reason the Burnaby family dentists are readily available every day. Dentistry is a medical field purposed to help everyone, including kids and adults. In that case, parents should consider a family dentist near Burnaby for their kids, from as early as six months.

Why Is Dentistry Important?

Before you even think of calling a dentist in Burnaby, you have to understand the benefits of dentistry. It is not only when you have an oral crisis that you should call a dentist in Burnaby BC. Some of the importance of dentistry include:

  • Treating dental emergencies – when bleeding, missing teeth, and fractured bones happen, a patient requires immediate medical attention. Such crises in oral health require the expertise of a dentist in Burnaby.
  • Dental exams – the only way to ascertain the health of your teeth and mouth is thorough dental exams. You can narrow down to the underlying causes of your oral problems by having a dentist near you examine the condition of your teeth. It is also the best way to detect oral problems earlier on before they become severe.
  • Cosmetic dentistry – teeth are among the first things people notice about you. A Burnaby dentist can easily correct any oral condition that affects your cosmetic appeal. This includes teeth discoloration, missing teeth, misaligned teeth and broken, cracked, or chipped teeth, to mention a few. The treatments offered will restore your confidence by improving your smile and overall cosmetic appearance.
  • Treating dental problems – several oral problems can affect the normal functioning of the mouth. Much as they may not feature as dental emergencies, living with them can make life uncomfortable or even unbearable. Some dental problems include tooth decay, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), and gum disease, among others. Having your dentist fix such issues can help you lead a better life.
  • Oral health advice – patients assume they know everything there is to know about keeping about with their oral health. However, that is far from the truth. Given the advanced knowledge and experience that dentists have, they are better placed at offering oral health advice to help keep your teeth in good shape for as long as humanly possible. Information like how to brush and floss your teeth, treatment aftercare, best foods to choose for your teeth, and teeth exercise routines, can best be offered by dentists.

Why Family Dentistry?

Now that you understand the value of dentistry in your life, the next question lies in choosing the best dentist. You may wonder why it is important to have a family dentist, even while all dentist is qualified for the job. In dentistry, it is not only about getting to a dentist that is closest to your home. Family dentistry has far more benefits than people are willing to admit. Some of them include:

  • Schedule appointments for the entire household – given how busy medical professionals are, booking an appointment can be hectic. The worst part is when you have to book an appointment for all members of the family. With family dentistry, this does not have to bother you. A family dentist will comfortably treat every single member of your family in one single appointment.
  • Convenient hours – you do not always have to work with the schedule of a dental clinic. Family dentistry has flexible hours to accommodate the different needs of patients.
  • Call on-the-go – having a dental emergency can freak you out, especially if you have no medical professional, you can reach out to on-the-go. With a family dentist, you can call on-the-go without going through the entire process of scheduling an appointment.
  • Dental discounts and specials – there is no way you would be asking for a dental discount and special from a dentist you are meeting for the very first time. Having a consistent family dentist assures you of any available specials and discounts, including clinical trials and the availability of new medical appliances, among other benefits.